Saturday, November 5, 2011

Banran (반란) "Stop Kor" ep (2010)

STOP KOR!  I'm not exactly sure what Banran wants to stop.  Maybe it's Lee Myung Bak, Korea's president that seems to do whatever he feels like doing, and fuck everyone else (example: importing U.S. beef and the four rivers project, both of which were opposed by an overwhelming majority of Koreans, but President Lee did them - or is doing them - anyway).  Well, whatever their message is, I'm not entirely sure of.  I'm almost certain that they probably lean heavily on the left side of politics, though.

This ep (released as a split release 7" on Way Back When / Even Worse last year) is a short, but somewhat effective introduction to the band.  I witnessed the band live early last year (which I posted right here), but, unfortunately, this record doesn't quite live up to the visceral impact of their live set.  Their live show was fast, vicious, and heavy.  Dropdead seemed to be an obvious influence (the singer even sported that band's shirt).  On record, it feels more like a throwback to 80s hardcore, with a slightly less powerful Dropdead influence (meaning, they aren't heavy on record like Dropdead were).  The record is most definitely tight, but you really need to see them tear it up live.  Unfortunately, most folks won't witness one of their sets, but who knows.  I'd like to really see where they go next with this, but they seemed young, and maybe will enter the military soon (mandatory in Korea), which might not only end the band, but end anything interesting they might do in the future musically.  I hope not.

Here's a link to the ep: Stop Kor ep.  However, if you can get a hold of it still, I highly recommend you do that.  Also, I updated the link for the Bamseom Pirates record (which might be even harder to find for folks outside of Korea) which you can find here.