Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food sickness, Philippines, and Eastbound and Down Soundtracks

I'm back....from the dead. Sorta. I went to the Philippines a while back and stayed for almost 2 weeks. I'll probably write more on that later, but it was a lil marred by food sickness that I had become friends with over 3 weeks ago. Acquired, incidentally, at the "great" fried chicken restaurant that I had raved about a couple of months ago on this here blog. I had it for most of the trip until the last 3 or 4 days, however, on the fourth came back! I thought maybe I reacquired it because my friends that I went on the trip with got it as well. Well, turns out that if it's salmonella it can not only come back, but you can spread it as well. And we had shared some drinks, so.... That's the way it is (they're better now, btw, unlike me who is still struggling through it, though presumably the worst is over). That's my life up to this point. Sickness, doubt, frustration.

But, HEY, I downloaded the soundtracks to both seasons of Eastbound & Down and here they are down below all these useless words I'm writing. These are unofficial, but they're great soundtracks (especially season 2). Check 'em out even if you haven't seen a single episode, and I'll write more about the Philippines later and share some pics and crap.