Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dog meat, more food, beer, cigarettes, more booze....

Off the wagon...of no food. Yes, I can eat food again. After a month (though it seemed like an eternity) of food poisoning, I am back. Almost full strength, but I also had some problems with my foot....strange 2 months I had. Not a good way to start the year, but damn it! I am trying to be positive....And I am positive that I just had the best damn dog meat EVER! BELIEVE IT!!! Up until this moment, I had only eaten dog soup, which is damn good, and that is no lie. But 2 nights ago I had steamed dog meat (수육 개고기). Damn good! Yes, it's fatty as shit, but also mighty tasty. Here's some pictures to make you drool, and you better drool you hypocrites! It's meat! And unless you're a fucking vegetarian then you have no reason to pass judgement. Asshole. Eat it!

In the above image is the front door with a plate of dog parts sitting by their window. That's right, I know you're drooling. And down below is a couple of servings of dog meat. It's very fatty, but if you know good pork chops, the fat is just as good, if not better, than the meat. It's good stuff.

And here's all the sides and fixin's for it.

My buddy Jason Rea is leaving Korea, so this was his last hurrah in eating actually good food before he goes to Germany where all they have is snausages. Fuck Germany. Here's a pic of Jason enjoying his dog meat:

In case I haven't mentioned this fact yet, this all happened in Dongdaemun (동대문) near their market there. Little dank dark alleyways for the true food aters. Also in that same alleyway is some excellent dalk han mari (닭한마리) which is boiled chicken with sauces and shit to dip the chicken into. Excellent stuff. But enuff about this excellent alleyway. After the doggy dog, we headed for the Dongdaemun market for some bindaetteok (빈대떡) which is a mung bean pancake. Here's the alleyway:
Here's the pancake grillin':

And here we are with our dongdongju (동동주) alcohol.

Served to golden brown perfection. I love Korean food! Except for the shitty foods. They fucking suck!